Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monkeys see stars....

Bento No. 60
  Since we have gone for the Jungle Breakfast at the Zoo last week for his birthday.  I made a pair of monkeys with brown rice.  The facial expression is punched out from Carla Craft puncher.  They are of better quality than those I bought from Daiso because the nori usually sticks to the puncher and does not come clean in nice shape.  I think I gonna to search for new seaweed puncher for multi-purpose.  His bento lunch consisted of orange, black grapes, green kiwi, two cauliflower florets, star carrots, teriyaki chicken (my version) and some asparagus.

Yesterday, my boy has fried mee hoon and a fried egg.  I have ran out of idea and after I completed his bento.  My son asked "What is this?"  Haha...

Bento No. 59

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