Monday, July 11, 2011

Butterfly and sushi

Bento No. 94
When I did not beat the egg enough, the egg white will appear in the tamagoyaki in this circular manner as shown in the picture.  Hence, I put two umbrella handles as the antennae to make it look like a butterfly.  Does it?  This is his usual sushi bento; baked salmon, Japanese cucumber, tamagoyaki, edamame and fruits.

Papa is on business trip in Mexico city for a week.  Whenever my son sees aeroplane flying past our home, he will say "Look, Papa is flying back home in that plane".  I asked how long it will take for Papa to reach home.  He answered happily "Three days!".  I was really amused by his reply and simply reflects how innocent and pure he is now.

Mommy is trying to get use to the new car which feel so light, quiet and smooth.  Somehow, I missed the old car rough handling and engine noise.  If you know what I means...

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