Monday, July 4, 2011

California roll

Bento No. 90
I know I have not been posting on my blogs promptly these days. In normal days, I headed straight home after I dropped my son at the preschool.  This is where I have time of my own to do some blogging and homework. Lately, the tenant who managed the school's carpark had moved and as a result, the gantry is not operative at the moment.  It is a good news for me because I can park my car for free and run errands as well as shopping, meeting old friends for lunch.  Yippee! 

Today, I prepared california roll for my son.  Just imitation crabstick and avocado.  Well, crabstick sushi is one of my son favourite besides tamagoyaki.  In addition, there are edamame, dragonfruits and red grapes.

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