Thursday, July 21, 2011

Panda with Somen

Bento No. 97
Japanese somen!  Ya, this is the first time I cooked somen.  I happened to pass by a store named 'Brown Rice Paradise' at Trader Hotel.  And I found this Japanese somen.  My son has been coughing quite badly in the night and a running nose too.  I did not have a good night sleep too due to his heavy snoring through his stuffing nose besides his coughing.  Actually, I wanted to cook mee sua but it does not taste good when it is cold.  I understand somen can be eaten cold.  Therefore, I decided to give it a try.  The somen cost me $6!  It is organic and made in Australia.   I like the texture.  However, it is tasteless without sauce.  My boy has gyoza, fishballs, stir-fried snow peas with carrot and white mushroom.  And lastly, apples!  He does not fancy eating apples but I just discovered he actually ate it if I soaked in salt water (to prevent it from browning).

It was another of my usual routine; drove my son to school and fetched him home.  But I accidentally bumped into another car's side mirror and the latter bounced back.  The driver was angry and demanded "How?".  He signalled me to stop at the roadside and exchange particulars.  I was so shakened and scared.  Why? Because he was utterly hostile and rude to me.  Luckily, there was a passersby whom coincidentally is a Claim Consultant for car's accidents.  He took a look at both cars and assured me that it was just a minor issue.  It would not cost me a bomb if the driver wanted to replace his side mirror.  Mine has a little scratch.  Thank God!


Anonymous said...

Great bento box. Is the somen brand Hakubuku?

Dragonfly said...

Sorry for the late response. Yes, I bought Hakubuku brand somen.