Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hotdog pork floss sushi bread

Bento No. 99
My son went go-karting in West Coast Park yesterday which is part of the school curriculum.   These go-karts are not powdered by motor but you have to pedal it.  Sound interesting but I did not accompany him because I am down with cough (which my son passed on to me) and a headache.  Now both of us are coughing.  Hopefully, my son could recover soon in time for him to go to his school's mate, Sean Sean, 4th Birthday bash.  And it is dinosaurs party!  How can he miss it? 

Whilst he was enjoying himself at the West Coast Park, I went to Novena square.  I saw an interesting sandwich cafe named 'Baguette', the Viet inspired deli!  A bespectacled looking young man approached me from the shop and painstakingly introduced all their signatures baguette and famous sushi bread.  After checking on the company's website, I began to think if he is the founder - Chan Wei??  Anyway, I bought the sushi bread which was wrapped with chicken ham, floss, seaweed, cucumber, mayo and tuna at $3.30 for three slices.  Taste yummy and both of us finished all of it although it is on the pricey side.

Today, I made a similar version but using hotdog, wholemeal bread slices, cucumber, seaweed, some tomato sauce inside the roll.  The outer part I spread some mayo so that the pork floss will stick on it.  He also has some emmental cheese (rolled as well) and strawberries in his lunch.

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