Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Bento No. 93
I bought a heart sandwich cutter from J-Mama & Baby a few months ago and today, I used it to make ham and cheese sammies for son and topped with tomatoes, cucumber.  The cutter is not sharp enough to cut the bread and I have to trim off the edges with scissors.  It looks neat and pretty though.  I stuffed a gingerbread man (made from cheddar cheese) in between the sammies.  Does it look mischievous...playing hide and seek??  I also packed some dragonfruits and grapes in his lunchbox plus a vanila flavour yogurt.

While on the way to school, he complained of ear pain.  Upon checking,  I found some redness behind his ear lobe due to excessive scratchng.  My boy began to cry when we reached school even though I applied some ointment behind his ear lobe.  In the end, I have to carry him to the classroom and leave him with the teachers swiftly. Probably I will bring him to see a doctor for a thorough cleaning and check of his ears tomorrow. 

Busy, busy day...We went Jacob Ballas Children Garden with Lilian Pak Leong. Thereafter, I received a message from Papa that we have to collect our new car at 5.30pm and I have to pick him up at his office.  I have never ventured into Orchard Road/CBD area other than sending and fetching my son to/from his preschool. But I managed to drive to his office with Lilian Pak Leong giving me some directions. Thank God!  We are all excited over the new car and we love the new number plate SKB9091L.  Lottery time..hehe

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