Monday, July 25, 2011

Octopus hot dog and sushi

Bento No. 98

My son is still nursing from his cough and therefore, no tamagoyaki in his sushi bento.  (Why? Chinese old folks does not recommend consuming eggs.)   Usually, I will prepare the tamagoyaki to go along with his sushi because that is his favourite! Even in the Japanese restaurant, he will first attack the egg on the conveyor belt first.  So I replaced it with a pair of octopus hotdogs; a boy and a girl.  My boy never had hotdog for his bento other than the time when we dine outside. And I rarely bought hotdogs for lunch or dinner except for making pizza due to the fact that hotdogs are processed food and of no nutritious value.  I cut the tentacles and throw them into boiling water.  It's eye is made of black sesame seeds and mouth is from cheese.  Then I put on a cap foodpick for the boy and a red ribbon foodpick for the girl.  The rest is the basic stuff; baked salmon and cucumber sushi, edamame, apples and strawberries.

Because it is the first time I packed in his lunch, my son asked "What is that?"  Paused for moment and replied  "It's a octopus!".

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