Friday, July 29, 2011


Bento No. 100
My bento making has hit 100! Ever since I started this new love, my son has been eating well.  I am blessed that he is not picky over food and like to try new food except spicy stuff.  I also realised involving my boy in the process of preparation also helps him eat better.  Examples, he will break an egg in a bowl (bearing in mind that I have to tolerate some mess in the kitchedn), whisk it, squeeze lemon/orange juice or even cutting soft fruits for me.  The best part he loves is he gets to taste it too and tell me "Mmmmmmm, yummy!".  Other times, I let him choose his favourite shape from my collection of sandwich cutter.   He will be so proud like a peacock announcing the whole world he made this and that! :)  But not for bento making yet. 
To share, his weekly lunch meal typically are sushi, noodles/pasta, sandwich and brown rice or fried rice (other than white rice).  I always tried to make it different from what we usually have in the dinner table.

We have brown rice cat today in his bento.  The facial is made from cheese and nori and its ears are cucumbers.  I actually free hand cut the shape of fishbone from nori and placed it on the pink salmon.  (Not very skillful though as it looked more like an arrow instead..).  My son has blanched broccolli, carrots flowers, apples and strawberries. Then I include a mouse, a dog and a bone foodpicks.

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