Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sailboat and panda

Bento No. 95
As part of the school outing, we went to Mana-Mana Beach Club at East Coast Park yesterday. Bright sunny day and a warm sea breeze. It was a perfect day for watersports i.e. Kayak and Boogieboard. My son loves every bit and everything about water and sand.  Prior today, I did showed him some pictures over the internet what he will expect considering he is rather timid child.  And, I encouraged him to try all the activities.  Well, he did all with a little push from Mommy especially on the boogie board.

So, I made a sailboat theme sandwich with cheese under a playful sun today.  He got a packet of chocolate milk, yellow kiwi, red dragonfruits and a sweet.  The sandwich is filled with sardine and onions.

There is one bento box which I adored and  have not been used since I bought it long ago from Amazon.  Tata, the two-tier panda bento box! I packed some dragonfruits and kiwi in the first layer.  At the bottom, my son has bean stick flat noodles and topped with boiled spinach, carrots and gyoza (but look like wanton here..haha)  This was his lunch two days ago. 

Next year, we will be able to see the pair of pandas named Kai Kai and Jia Jia in Singapore.  Each time I mentioned he has the same name as one of the panda, he is not happy about it and corrected me by saying in his own words "that is a person's name".  This little boy has pride too! :)

Bento No. 96

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