Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black cat

Bento No. 165

My boy has fully recovered from his flu/cough and has his single eyelid back!  Haha, when he was sick, he would get double eyelid and watery eyes.  Strange isn't it?

Yesterday was the last day of Lunar New Year i.e. 15th Feb.  We visited my grandmother (my son's great grandma) near Pasir Ris after school.  Last year, we did not pay her a visit because my boy was frightened by a pair of huge reindeer decorative items in the hall.  I felt bad too and according to my mum, my grandma actually asked why we did not go.    My grandmother is as old as my mother-in-laws whom both are in their 80s.  Both are in good health but my grandmother shows obvious signs of senile whereas my monther-in-laws is in better condition.  We had a good time together and my son enjoyed all the cookies. 

I prepared Ee fu mee for his lunchbox that packed with strips of pork loin, carrots, fresh shitake mushroom and spring onion.  And I cut out the shape of black cat from nori, its eyes and muzzle from cheese.  I always got my inspirations from what we see in our surroundings.  We sighted a black cat relaxing on the floor near carpark yesterday morning.  And my boy gets one inside in his bento today! Meow....

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