Friday, February 24, 2012


Bento No. 171
These froggies are made of green carrot that I used to boil soup.  We cannot live without a good wholesome soup every dinner.  It is a must have in my household. And I usually prepared in early in the morning so that my son could pack it for his lunch at school as well.  I also created a little bowtie for each froggies using foodpick.   In his bento, he has fried egg with silverfish and spring onion, stir-fried sugar bean/carrot with chicken breast, brown rice, kiwi and strawberries. 

This year, my son has an extra component at school i.e. Project Approach.  It entails the process of observing, investigating, measuring phenomena, reasoning representing ideas, concepts and results through arts, visual and words.  And his project is all about "Ruler".  They made a trip down to Ikea Alexandra yesterday to measure furniture using rulers.  After he finished school, I brought him to the Jacobs Ballas and Children's garden.  He has been nagging us to bring him there since the start of the term but the unpredictable weather has not permitted us to visit.  And yesterday, was the opportunity! A fine, bright sunny day at last!!  My boy enjoyed most at the Tree House and waterplay. 

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