Friday, February 10, 2012

Poby (Pororo's bear friend)

Bento No. 167

I baked wholemeal bread yesterday afternoon but failed  The bread turned out with a funny smell of alcohol and taste sour. I guess I have put too much yeast in it.  Anyway, I have to get Papa to buy a loaf of bread from the bakery shop instead. I haven't had any luck baking bread.  The previous receipe given by Sanku seems quite good.  The only cons are too much eggs and butter.  I shall try again with another receipe.  Don't give up!

Poby is the polar bear in the Korea cartoon series, Pororo and friends.  Between, Eddy (the red fox) and Poby (the polar bear), my son chose Poby to be in his bento.  Great! Just nice to use the white sandwich bread Papa bought from Yamakaza.   However, I felt the look is too far from ideal because his nose is not large enough and he should have four toes instead of three. The fillings are ham, cheese, cucumber, tomatoe with mayo/mustard spread. On the sides, my boy has some carrot sticks and black grapes.  And strawberry yogurt!

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