Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sparrow and Fried rice with silverfish

Bento No. 166
Every year, we will bring back some ikan bilis/silverfish from Ng Ku's shop to power up my boy's calcium intake.  Thanks to Ng Ku!  Hence, my son has fried rice with silverfish for his lunch today. On top of it, I have cut out a pair of sparrow from nori and sticked it on cheese.  Gosh! It took me an hour to get it nicely cut. In my previous black cat bento, the nori become wet and wrinkly after a while.  And, my boy did not know there is a black cat I placed it inside because the cheese (eyes)  kind of melted and sticked onto the lid of lunchbox.  So I found a way to avoid it by sticking it on the cheese first after browing the internet last night.  Some blanched cauliflower to resemble the cloud. Carrot flower and green peas both pretending to be the garden.  Got the picture?  Haha, my own imagination!  Lastly, he has his favourite black grapes.

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