Thursday, February 16, 2012


Bento No. 169
Recently, the idea of what to create for my boy's bento becomes impromptu.  I have no energy to plan ahead what I should prepare for his lunch because I am still nursing my flu and cough.  Taking the medicine made me drowsy and sleep.  Worst of all, body ached!  I was well in previous week and sick this week :(  We were sitting on the dining table and I just popped a question to my boy "What would you want for your lunchbox?"  He looked at his animal lego and shouted "Monkey!".   Alright, so I cut half of the Mediterranean Panini (basically focaccia) from Gardenia.  Using the crust to make the face and its ears.  He has tuna mayo, sliced tomato, lettues for the sandwich fillings as well as papaya on the side.  And I packed a small tub of berries yogurt to complete the meal. 

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