Monday, February 20, 2012

Owl burger

Bento No. 170
My child loves burger.  So far, we had brought my son to Mos Burger and Burger King. And I did attempt to make it myself previously.  But my boy did not like it and usually half finished!  So I tried again today using a receipe I saw in one cookbook at Times book store.  The ingredients are egg, panko, onion, chicken breast, salt and black pepper.  But I threw in some french bean as well.  Instead of mix everything together, the receipe calls for pan-fry the onion till fragrant first before adding to the mixture. This is a funny looking owl using just two type of cheese and cucumber for its eyes and a slice of strawberry for its beak.  Then I packed some tomato sauce, strawberries and a tiny corn cob for his lunch.  Well, he finished everything except the lettues that I stuffed together with the meat patty. And he kept saying he likes the ketchup (I guess more than the burger).

My son finally agreed to sleep alone in his own bedroom without resistance yesterday! Normally, he would say he is frightened of the monster in the room.  Knowing his trick, I bought him a cute hedgehog night light and also re-decorated/tidied up his room.  His eyes were beaming when he stepped inside his room and told me he likes his room and the hedgehog night light. Daddy was not pleased with the night light for fear that he would be too dependent on it during bedtime. However, I think I made a good effort and it works. 


Food For Tots said...

Your owl burger looks so cute!! I haven't made burger for my son. Maybe it's time to give it a try. ;)

Dragonfly said...

Ya, why not. Don't forget to post and share your receipe :)