Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bumble bee

Bento No. 168

This is not a pretty bumble bee, I must say.   I arranged sushi roll for its body (resemble the strips) and in between, placed tamagoyaki for the parts of the body. Cheese for its wings and face.  Green pea for its antenna. My boy has teriyaki chicken sushi, edamame, tamagoyaki and red dragonfruit. 

Talking about patience and focus, my son lacks both.  He need to be constantly reminded all the times.  For instance, Papa bought him a latest set of Zoo theme lego and my boy was supposedly looked at the instruction manual to build it.  Sound easy or too difficult for an almost 4 years toddler?  I seriously don't know.  However, our dear daddy insisted he can do it.  I think he took probably 1.5 hours to assemble these blocks.  But there have been nagging, reprimanding throughout the whole process from my hubby.  Because, my son will digress a bit here and there, looking at other things, did a lot of talking himself. The end result was amazing, personally :)  Good effort !

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