Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Bento No. 168
Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Papa bought a mango and chocolate mini cakes from Emicakes shop and I got lots of kisses from them (my son and daddy:)  No flowers or expensive gifts but simple and sweet.  I like it!

My boy has a new addition to his animals lego collelction i.e. a brown seal.  And I made one for his bento today with brown rice.  Then, I placed some musical notes and ring foodpicks on the boiled broccolli stem.  It's show time ;)  Besides the red dragonfruit, the rest are leftover food from dinner such as the soya boiled egg is from the pork belly stew I cooked yesterday night, the broccolli stem and arrow roots compliments from my mother (with minced meat) are all leftover vegetables.  My son loves pork belly stew we had yesterday night which I had stewed for 1.5 hours.  I finally got the right taste and the pork belly texture right!  My boy said that he likes the gravy. Even my hubby although kept quiet, he finished up all the gravy too! I still could not stomach the fatty skin and hence, I removed and trashed them before I cooked...Shhhh...

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