Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby Triceratop

Bento No. 233
This triceratop has took me a long time to shape using orange cheddar and yellow emmental cheese.  I first sketched it on a paper in order to get the look I wanted. Then, I worked on the cheese itself.  My son was not impressed and only casually mentioned that "it's a baby triceratop".  *Phew*  I thought he was going to say rhinoceros.  Anyway, he has white bread fried egg sandwich topped with tomato slices and cucumbers.  The fruits of the week were dragonfruits and grapes. Ideally and a healthier choice, I would prefer wholemeal bread over white bread.  But my hubby disagreed and argued sandwich should use white bread :0  That was why he bought white bread instead.   Anyway, we have a lot of differences with regards to feeding wholesome and healthy food to my child.

I took a picture of our master bedroom this evening.  Realising evening rays sets in reflecting the greenery outside the window makes the room so cozy and inviting!

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