Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 47th National Day Singapore!

Bento No. 234
Yeah! Tomorrow is Singapore 47th National Day and I am going to Penang for holidays over the long weekends.  (Finally, I got my break !!) We are going to celebrate the special occasion at the Changi Airport for the first time.  My boy is more excited about the trip to Penang than anything else.  We have been discussing about our national flag and the National Day Parade lately (which I did every year). Last Sunday, I even bought him a red/white T-shirt and shorts which has the letters "SG" printed on it together with Singapore icons like the merlion, flyer and skypark from Kiddy Palace.  He wore it for his 'Culture Day' in school today.   

Needless to say, the bento's theme for today would have something to do with our country - Singapore.  The flag is carved on an apple wedge sitting nicely on top of cara cara oranges.  Not perfect but at least the stars were more visible than last year's bento ;)  What does a toddler knows about National day?  I queried my boy and the answers were 'helicopter and parachute'.  So I decided to make a helicopter with brown rice onigiri.  Strips of cucumbers for the rotor blades and secured it with a musical note foodpick. Stars carrots to mark the celebration.  In addition, there were also blanched cauliflower and french bean to fill the gaps.  Lastly, a lion foodpick that represents Singapore is a Lion City.

Happy Birthday Singapore!!


MamaJ said...

Wow! Great job carving! And the helicopter's v cute!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the compliment! :)