Thursday, August 16, 2012


Bento No. 236

My family loves braised pork belly in soya sauce.  I am grateful to Sanku (三姑) who came so often to Singapore working as confinement lady, taught me this delicious dish.  The trick is to pan-fry it without oil with lots of garlic till the greasy oil was oozing out for about 5 minutes.  This is to eliminate the distinct smell of the pork.   For the health conscious me, I sometimes bought the sweet and sour cut with the top layer of fat removed.  The leftover from yesterday dinner - I packed it into my boy's lunchbox today which was well hidden under the brown rice.  Then, I used half of the soya boiled egg to make a beetle.  Cheese for its wings, nori for the head and eyes.  Alongside in the garden, there were buttefly carrots, a floret of broccoli, blanched sugar beans, strawberries and kiwis.

In my earlier blog, I had mentioned my son started the borrowing and lending toys with one of his classmate, Oliver.  It was never ending and he kept bringing all sort of toys home.  And I believe, some of the toys are not cheap that I afraid it might get lost in the transition.  On the other hand, I was concerned if his friend, Oliver, would forget to return my son's toy too.  Too much worry but all in vain.  The two boys were doing fine.  However, I still remind my son to be responsible and accountable for the toys he borrowed.  Here is Mater from the Disney Pixar Cars he borrowed.

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