Friday, August 31, 2012

Parrot (Skully) and DIY gift for Teacher's Day

Bento No. 241
Apart from dinosaurs and cars, my son's other fave is pirates!  So I created 'Skully', the parrot which appeared on the Disney Junior show - Jake and the Never Land Pirates.   It was made with two type of toast; carrot and spinach toast from Crystal Jade Bakery. Nori for the headscarf.  Separate egg yolk and white around the eyes besides the nori and cheese.  Strawberry jam for the red colour on its tail.  It was sandwiched with his favourites; ham and emmental cheese.  Along with it, he also got a checker apple, green kiwi, skewers of tomatoes and cucumbers.
Inspired by Alicia Tan, one of the Mom blogger of her DIY gifts for Teacher's Day, I began to work on mine too!  I went to Daiso to shop for the items needed for creating a notebook.  Unfortunately, I could not see any pretty cloth to my likings.  Hence, I settled with a cherry iron-on patch, colourful drawing papers for the insert and thicker white drawing paper for the cover of similiar size.  Using the poka dots fabric tape that I previously purchased, I sticked it onto the cover and completed with a cute cherry iron-on patch with my little helper.  Holding his small hands firmly on the tape as well making sure the boy did not get burned by hot pressing iron!  The difficult part of the task for myself would be piercing needle holes for the cover and inserts together for the sewing.  Besides giving it to his English and Chinese teachers, we also baked an eggless chocolate cake for the rest of the staff.  I discovered an easy receipe from Joy of Baking that simply just mixing and pouring.  My son enjoyed the process very much and had a good time tasting all the ingredients. :P  And we did it twice!! Why?  The original idea was making cupcakes which was not a wise choice though.  The chocolate batter dripped all over the cups as he filled it, looking real unpresentable.  In the end, he has also eaten a few that I had to bake a second one.   Instead of cupcakes, I used the square aluminium pan as instructed in the receipe. No drips and messiness.  On the next day, we made letters 'I' and 'U' with sugar flowers and sprinkles for the heart.  For a final touch, we inserted two heart foodpicks and handmade pink poka dots flags.  Lastly, a thank you card with my son's doodles and stickers all over it.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment by DIY-ing for Teacher's Day. 
Salute to all teachers and a Happy Teacher's day including homeschooling mum!

DIY notebooks

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Thank you card


~Summer~ said...

The notebooks look great! Nice DIY! And oh, you did a great job with Scully! =)

Summer @ A Happy Mum

Dragonfly said...

Thanks! His teachers love it. It's my second attempt to make Skully. Happy with the end product ;)

pamela williams said...

My son would LOVE the Scully sandwich. Might I ask how did you make it?

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for dropping by. I used different sizes of round shape cookie cutters. Head - cut slightly more than half. Hooked like beak - you need to get a cutter bigger than the the head. Body - cut off a small piece of the bread (semi-circle) to form the curvature. Wing - I use a turnip shape cookie cutter. Turn it around and you got the wing. Eyes - I pan-fried the egg yolk and egg white separately to form sheets. Then, pressed out the circle shape from the egg yolk sheet and cut edges off on both sides. Smaller circles to form the egg white. Pupil - I used seaweed. The dot on the pupil is yellow cheese which you can use a straw to press it out. Hope this helps. Happy trying out!

pamela williams said...

Thanks so much! I love looking at your work, it's so amazing!