Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rocking good time in Penang!

I am going to write about my family holidaying at Hard Rock Hotel in Penang over the long weekends during the Singapore National Day, 9 Aug 2012.  Therefore, no bento-ing in this post.

This was our second visit to Hard Rock Hotel.  The main draw for coming back to this hotel is the kid friendly pool with three slides.  The children absolutely love it and the adults too! Much to our pleasure, we were upgraded to a seaview room on arrival without additional charges!  The room are modern with a contemporary feel.  It is adorned with pictures of legendary rock stars like Beatles hanging above our king size bed and another one was inside the bathroom which I did not know who he is.  But according to my hubby, he is Quincy Jones.  Those who are unable to unplug, the resort provides complimentary Wi-Fi.  However, connectivity was disappointing slow.  They offered a lot more services but we did not really go for it. 

My son literally soaked in the swimming pool for hours; morning and evening.  Going for the slides numerous time and he just could not bother to explore the beach or watersports. And it was such a small world that we bumped into his classmate, Jake, who was also holidaying in the same hotel. My boy has so much fun playing 'waterpolo' with them.  His first experience and obviously, did not know how to handle it very well.  On the last day of our stay on Sunday and just before we were about to check out, we were pleasantly surprised by the snake show performed at the pool.  The snake charmer planted a kiss each on the snakes.  My boy bravely held a baby yellow python and patting it like a pet.   He loves it!

What about food?  We had hotel food which included our breakfast and dinner at Starz Diner  Standard buffet spread style. Dinner was a let down and honestly, I would prefer to dine outside the hotel. Nevertheless, Hard Rock lives up to its name. A group of dancer interrupted our meal and began dancing at the buffet spread on Saturday night.  Cool, rocking good time!!

The Beatles

The iconic rock star, Beatles are everywhere even at the pool!

View from our room

Kid friendly pool with slides


Father and son enjoyed the seaview first thing in the morning

My new pet?

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