Monday, August 27, 2012


Bento No. 238

This bunny is made with imitation surimi and nori.  My boy has tamagoyaki, blanched cauliflower and carrots to go with soba noodles.  On top of which, I packed his favourite grapes and oranges too. I have adapted the dipping sauce receipe from 'The Just Bento CookBook'.  But I find that it is on the sweet side, quite different from what we ate in the Japanese restaurant here. 

Teacher's day is just around the corner and guess, a lot of mommies would be busy preparing and/or making a gift for the teachers.  Last year, I bought Royce chocolate and had my son drew up a self-made card.  This year, I am thinking of getting him more involve........ In the meantime, I DIY some flag foodpicks and bought the heart-shaped ones from Daiso yesterday.  These are 'ingredients' needed for the preparation. ;)

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