Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Bear

Bento No. 237

The mention of 'burger' for my son's lunchbox, he will go like this - "Yeah! Yeah! I like burger and fries!".  To the extent that he literally have to report to Papa that he got fries in his lunchbag.  He was beaming with joy all the way to his school on Friday. Undeniable, burger and fries are his favourite food. Another reason is that we rarely eat at fast-food outlets.  I baked the fries and chicken patty (which I added some quick oats and seasonings).  Top it with a slice of emmental cheese, fresh tomato and cucumbers.  This multi-grain bun is great for making a bear burger; nori/cheese for its facial expression and cucumbers for its ear.  On the sides, he got his oranges, grapes and of course, baked fries.  Happy indeed!

On Wednesday, the school has an outing to Singapore City Gallery at URA and Jurong MRT station which was part of their learning about buildings and construction workers.  At the City gallery, children were amazed by the sights and sounds. While the officers had to keep reminding the children to keep their hands off the exhibit of miniature models.  The teachers, on the other hand, were trying very best to keep the groups together and at the same time, explain it to the kids. I doubt the children were really paying attention to the teachers.  The next stop was Jurong MRT station where they observed the works at a construction site right next to the station.  Children enjoyed colouring on the floor of MRT without disturbance! Thereafter, we took the train to my Mum's place in Marsiling.  My son loves to visit his grandma and plays with his cousin. 

I did not realise we travelled round the island of Singapore that day until I wrote this blog!!  East ->Central->West->North->East :P

At the City Gallery

Drawing at the Jurong MRT station

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