Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bunny Apples

Bento No. 239

Bento No. 240
This week I have been making bunny apple similar bentos.  First lunchbox consisted of baked salmon, cubed garlic toast, mixed vegetables, grapes and bunny apple.  Second bento included baked salmon sushi with cucumbers, tamagoyaki, grapes and buuny apple.

I am nursing a mild cough and flu at home.  Nevertheless, I have finished working on teacher's day cake, gifts and card with my little helper. <Phew> We gave it to them today and hopefully, they like it.  In the past, I will just pop a panadol for quick fix but it does not heal most of the time.  Often, I will consult a Chinese Physician eventually for its non-drowiness medication.  At least, I still can stay awake doing household chores instead of feeling like zombie. Another important reason, I will be able to drive my child to the school everyday safely.  Since it has been raining these few days and I am feeling cold with running nose,  I decided to try out a natural remedy; honey and ginger drink for a week.  Wish me luck!

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