Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aeroplane and somen

Bento No. 232

Besides soba, we also love somen because it does not become too sticky and dry when left it under room temperature.  It is perfect to pack into his lunchbox.  I first steamed some chicken drumsticks with a bit of bottled chicken rice sauce.  Once it was cooked, I used the stock (from steaming the drumstick) to stir-fry caixin, carrots, crabsticks and prawns.  Then, I added the cooked somen (only after rinsing with cold water and ice cubes) and gave it a good stir.   Tata, a meal on its own topped with bite size chicken drumstick meat! On the upper tier of the panda lunchbox was some dragonfruits in the shape aeroplanes and grapes which I decorated it with a handmade flag. 

"Got mail for me?" My son will ask every time I open the letterbox.  And the next thing, he questioned "Why there is no mail for me?"   Not to disappoint him again and again, I actually requested my mum and my nephew to deliberately post a card to my son once. :P  He was, of course, excited to receive his first mail.  Very happy indeed!  But he still cannot understand why he does not have any mail.  I was so glad when one of his classmate, Oliver, passed him a pink envelope addressed to my son.  There was a tiny piece of paper with colourful doodles on it.  And I exclaimed "Ooh, you've got mail!".  His face was instantly lighted up with joy.  What a better way to start a pen pal!!  Together, we made an envelope and my son did the writings and decorating with stickers yesterday afternoon.  This morning, he brought it to school and 'delivered' to Oliver.

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