Friday, September 14, 2012

A Mother Love (Elephant)

Bento No. 245
It was disheartening to hear that a boy was given away and the adopted guardian did not look after the child properly. The saddest thing to know was that his own biological mother has too many children from other marriages that she no longer has the means to care for him.  And he skipped school!  That was where I have seen this boy loitering around the void deck while other children of his age was schooling.  Didn't his class teacher notice any abnormalities and render any assistance or reach out to his family?  Perhaps, they did? Once, he was bullied by other older boys at playground to the extent that one kind mom interfered and stopped these boys from fighting and further hurt themselves.   I felt sorry for the little boy who is now in Primary One and according to one of the mother that I met, still struggles to read and write.  Whereas my hubby commented that he might be another delinquent in the society.  A harsh fact in life!

To give a child away, perhaps is not a right or wrong decision but cicumstances forces.  A mother's love towards a child is priceless and to make such a decision is certainly a painful one.  A more painful one would be helplessly watching/knowing your child not being taken good care of.  That is my personal view.  I recalled how difficult it was when we tried several years to conceive and have consulted western medication and chinese physician.  With all the popping of clomid pills and drinking bitterly brewed chinese medication, trying hard to get pregnant.... however, it did not work.  And I did not have the courage to do FSH (Follicle-stimulation hormone) injection at home.  It came to a point that I have given up and decided to keep a pet dog instead.  And Nitro, a shihzhu breed, then 3 month old little furry came into our life and brought us so much joy that we never had.   He was like our baby; need to be cleaned, trained and loved!   We were enjoying every precious moments with our new member.  And suddenly, I discovered I was pregnant!  We were so happy and felt so blessed that we finally had a child of our own. Honestly, we attributed the success to Nitro.  He was our lucky star!!  Till now, we love Nitro as much as our boy.  Although, Nitro may be neglected for not spending enough time playing with him (I must confess).  

My son is definitely fortunate and lucky to have us as a parents and with so many uncles, annties, grandma and jie jie who adore him.  And I told him exactly the same yesterday night just before bed.

I put the same message in his bento as well.  He had a mother and child elephant shape tuna mayo sandwich that I pressed it out from the cookie cutters.  Along with a love shape bread that I spread it with red strawberry jam. On sides, he got mashed sweet potato topped with hand-craved letter 'E' on the cucumber and half of cherry tomato as well as red dragonfruits.

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