Sunday, September 2, 2012

To the Arctic @ Omni Theatre


Recognise these planets?  It is none other than the Singapore Science Center.  We were there this afternoon to watch the documentary adventure 'To the Arctic' at the Omni-Theatre.  This is one of the lazy Sundays that we do not wish to exert too much energy but to relax as well as escape from the heat!  It has been our favourite family hunt ever since my boy learned to appreciate and better understand documentary shows.  We had also stopped visiting those air-conditioned indoor playgrounds like polliwogs or eXplorer kids which we used to do so when he was younger.  We had our lunch at the little cafe where we usually filled up our stomach before the show starts.  The food was alright but aglio olio spaghetti was a tad too salty.  The turkey and egg club sandwich my son had was yummy.  He also has a small glass of fresh milk.  I specially requested it to be warmed up since he had a little stuffing and running nose. He dislikes warm milk.  He finished it nevertheless after much coaxing from me ;) 
The documentary was fantastic featuring majestic view and wilderness of the Arctic and brought us so close to the lives of a mother polar bear and her twin cubs.  I was particularly touched at the scene where the mother bear put her life on the line trying to fend off a hungry lone male to protect her cubs.  Before bedtime, my boy came up with 'polar bear fight' which he earlier saw the bears playfully sparring. And both father and son played roughhousing fun together. 
Omni Theatre has never failed to amaze us with their movies.  We look forward to the next documentary show, perhaps 'The Ring of Fire'.

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