Sunday, September 9, 2012

September holiday - Juz Play!

While I was not preparing any pretty bentos for this short school holiday, I was busy packing my child with fun-filled activities. And our lunch was made simple and not so presentable as can be seen below.  It was creamy baked pasta with ham and mixed vegetables in white sauce which the receipe was adapted from 'The First Complete Nutrition Guide for Asian Parents - Feed Your Child Right'. A very useful reference book for babies from birth and mothers.  Along with garlic mash potato.  My son liked it so much that he helped himself to many servings. 

What did we do for the past few days?  I brought my boy to the wildlife-themed rooftop water playground at Tampines 1 in the morning for a splash on Tuesday!   It was our second visit (our first visit was here) and the boy has a blast there.  And me?  I was sitting at a corner observing :P There is this one thing my son has never changed since he was a baby ie friendliness.  He can easily mingled with any children and often, also being rejected being too friendly.  And he is also not shy to join in the fun between fathers specially and their kids. They were playing waterguns shooting at each other. My boy politely asked to borrow the watergun and began shooting at -- not his own father!  I did not intervene because they appeared to be having loads of fun with him.  Until, the father surrendered :P  Another incident I recalled was at the Tampines children swimming pool when he was two years old.  He was pouring and splashing at the father and their children whom were total strangers.  And the recent one would be during our vacation at Hard Rock Hotel in Penang.  His classmate and other of their family members (fathers and kids) were wrestling in the pool.  He did tried to be part of the game but got booted out by one of the kids.  In so far, these fathers were sporting and did not bother by this little intruder of mine.   <Phew>
Ring of Fire, Turtle Museum
The next day, our Papa decided to take a day off and drove us to Omni Theatre to watch 'The Ring of Fire' in the afternoon.  It was a short and award winning documentary.  However, my child prefer 'To the Arctic' than 'Ring of Fire'. Me too!  Afterwhich, we dropped by the Turtle Museum at Chinese Garden.  We stumbled on this museum one fine day but we did not explore further because it was raining then.  Thereafter, I read from one of the Mom Bloggers who wrote how much her kids enjoyed at the museum.  I knew I have to make a trip there. For an animal lover like my son, it was indeed a perfect playground!  He touched it, attempted to carry it and fed them not only with the vegetables we purchased but the leaves he plucked <Oops!>.  And he said "I want to stay here for a long long time." :)  However, the rare, weird-looking ones and/or ferocious ones such as pig-nosed turtle, snake necked turtle, alligator turtles, etc were all kept inside the tanks. It was an eye-opener but the exhibits seriously need a makeover to attract more tourists and locals.

Butterfly Garden
Next in line was the butterfly garden at Tampines Changkat. Having stayed in Tampines for so many years, it was a shame that I did not know we have a butterfly garden in the heartland until another Mom blogger wrote about her neighbourhood.  We set out in the morning on Wednesday although it was quite hazy.  We sighted mostly 'Plain Tiger' butterflies, a green grasshopper and caterpillars!   The garden was also very popular with the preschoolers nearby.  We were lucky that we met a volunteer who brought a plastic container showing us the pupa.  Of which, some has transformed into butterflies.  We would not be able to spot the caterpillars without these volunteers. Do you know that caterpillars love curry leaves?  Now, I do!!  When it was time to go, my son was reluctant to leave the garden.

Daddy's Office and Chinatown
Lastly, Daddy's company has a 'Bring Your Kids To Work' day on Friday morning.  It was a yearly affair which my boy always looked forward to it.  There were food, activities and goodie bags for the kids.  It was also half-day-off for Mommy.  I grabbed the opportunity to indulge myself for manicure and pedicure at Raffles Place.  I usually go for plain nail colour but I got a little bold this time - lots of shimmer and glitter!  My little man later noticed it and commented "So pretty!".   He literally brightened up my day.  At noon, we met up with my Mom for lunch and together, we went to Chinatown to see the decorations of the Lantern Festival despite it began to drizzle.  At reasonable $8.50, we finally got a Dragon cellaphane lantern for my son after browsing a few stalls with some pricing as high as $12.  We ended the day with a sweet desert at '味香园甜品' or 'Traditional Desserts'.
So much of play for this September holiday! Even at home, my boy would be contented and happy to play lego.

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