Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baked salmon sushi and Rob The Robot

Bento No. 246
Nowadays, I could not get any more creative with sushi.  And I was contemplating to make brown rice or quinoa sushi.  I am not sure if my son will accept it for a change from the normal white rice sushi.  Anyway, here is his usual baked salmon inside-out sushi with cucumber, edamame, tamagoyaki, yellow kiwi and grapes for yesterday's lunch.

My son loves to visit Grandma and his cousin and we went over last Sunday!  Every trip, Grandma would pass him one old toy (in good condition) to my son which she kept it for years. These toys belong to my cousin who is now 10 years and had stopped playing with it.  The boys had great fun playing hide and seek, zipping around with the scooter and crushing out their beyblades together.  This year, I noticed they seem to enjoy each other company a lot more; one is 4, the other is 10.  All I can hear under the roof was my son's laughter who had the loudest voice.  Mommy, of course, become redundant.  It is clearly evident that having one or more siblings does make a lot of difference in their childhood.   Unfortunately, my boy is my only child.  And he has been having imaginary brothers and sisters to play with and even made up a storyline using lego blocks.  One night, we had a conversation about having a brother or sister that I asked him "What if Mommy cannot give you a real brother or sister?"  He answer was comforting to me but I got so emotional over it.  He said "It's ok, I will just be alone."  I have earlier written here how he was conceived miraculously. In this respect, we have left it to god's will whether we could have one more kid.

I cooked his favourite pumpkin rice today since I have leftovers from the pumpkin soup I prepared last week.  Then, I tried to shape the soft steamed pumpkin into one of the orange robot below from the Preschool TV series, 'Rob The Robot'.  I was speechless when he told me it looked like a butterfly ;P Haha!!  Anyway, he got blanched brocolli, yellow kiwi and grapes on the sides.
Bento No. 247

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