Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fried brown mee hoon

Bento No. 251
It's simply fried brown mee hoon (aka vermicelli) with cabbages, carrots, chicken breast and some shredded fried egg for my boy's lunch today.  When I showed it to him, he said "Those egg looks like water." Does it?  A child's imagination never fails to amaze me.  On the sides, he has grapes and strawberries. 

Yesterday, my son complained of urination was painful and refused to bath in the morning.  I did a quick bath for him but still, he was screaming and crying profusely.  Then, I looked up in one of the books I had, titled 'baby & child healthcare' by Dr Miriam Stoppard for more information. What I found was 'Balanitis' - which is a inflammation of the tip (glans) of the penis.   It does appear a little red on the tip of his penis but I wasn't sure since there was no swelling or discharge. We went to the clinic for a thorough check.  But I got a earful the minute I mentioned 'Balanitis' when we consulted our doctor.  Bad mood, I guess.  The doctor requested to do a urine test.   Because of the pain, my boy refused to pee even with a lot of cajoling and assurance from me. But I still have to collect his urine for the test!  So I had my knee down and hugged him tightly comforting him at the same time in the toilet.  Shortly, he was doing the business in tears.  And the test turned out to be a mild urinary tract infection. He was later given amoxicillin antibotic to treat the infection.  This morning, he was fine and pee happily without any pain. I am relieved that he is ok now.  However, he still hesitated when he wanted to pee.  He asked me if he has drank enough water.   Why?  Because doctor told him to drink more water to 'flush out' the bacteria ;)

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