Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cracking with Joy and Mickey Mouse

Bento No. 248
This requires a little bit of imagination. We discussed about it last night and here are our versions:-

Mine- The baby dino was astonished to see the egg cracked and a foot sticking out. Nearby, we have a curious stegosaurus fossil.

My son's  - The baby dino found a stone with fossils and bones.

We all agreed mine one was better and I enacted the story which set him off giggling and laughing incessantly.  *I become a clown*

Those stones as proclaimed by my son were frozen apple chicken balls which I made a batch previously.  Little dino was made with orange and yellow cheese and the rest of the details were done with nori.  He had spaghetti with tomato sauce, yellow kiwi and grapes yesterday.

At the bottom, he got brown rice porridge along with steamed egg and minced meat, blanched caixin, fried tofu, yellow kiwi and grapes.  I used a mickey mouse cookie cutter to press out the shape on the patty. 
Bento No. 249

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