Thursday, September 27, 2012

Butterfly garden and rabbit

Bento No. 252

Papa was nursing a flu since the beginning of the week.  My boy also started a mild cough and I am feeling not-so-good worrying that I may catch the virus too :(  I dislike it to be sick and at the same time, still has to perform the normal routine duties; driving to/from school, household chores, and play with my son.  Crossing my fingers I will be in good health and so is he!  Because my son is invited to a birthday party by one of his classmates, Arin this Saturday.  And the theme is too good to be missed because that is his favourite - a mini zoo and birds in a function room!  He was so excited when I told him about the invitation and he went shopping for her present last weekend.  And he insisted it has be a barbie doll and in pink dress!  He better to be well enough to enjoy the party :)

Inspired by my first visit to Tampines butterfly garden, my son's lunch today contains macaroni, minced chicken breast, sugar beans and butterfly shape carrots.  He has chicken soup to go with macaroni. Decorated it with a pretty rabbit foodpick .  Then, I tried hand carved the chinese character '兔' on the apple which I saw many mothers are so skillfull in carving out words on the wedges.  I am very satisfied with my end-product :)  Oh well, it definitely has to pair with a bunny apple!


Kless said...

Wah! Carving is difficult enough, and you actually carved a chinese character?! Clap clap!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks thanks. I did it on the spur of moment. I even double checked I carved it correct becos I almost forgot how to write Chinese ;-)