Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pan-fried white snapper fillet and honey balsamic drumstick

Bento No. 243
Bento No. 244
First bento was packed with pan-fried white snapper coated with egg and corn flour, cabbage salad (that I followed the receipe of 'The Just Bento Cookbook' by Makiko Itoh.  Except that I omitted imitation crabmeat), Japanese cucumber, a cherry tomato and strawberries.  Second bento was my son's favourite honey balsamic drumstick which receipe can be found here at 'Food4Tots'.  Along with stir-fried sugar bean with flower carrots, brown rice and strawberries.  I am lazy to come out with anything creative these days but a few cute foodpicks will do the job very well too! ;)

We are looking forward to our first Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations at Tampines Central on the 29th Sep 2012.  Last year, I bought a dinosaurs paper lantern with a led light in it but it did not last with this little toddler.  And we also missed out the fun of lantern parading near our neighbourhood.   This year, I hinted to my neighbour who is a resident member of the committee and bought 3 tickets at $4 each from her.  And of course, we bought a Dragon cellophane lantern from Chinatown for the occasion per my boy's request.   On that day, I just need to ensure he has a nap and would not be grumpy later in the night.
Lately, I was shocked to hear my boy said the word, "stupid"!  I began to think how on earth he picked it up. Would it be I swear too much in the car on the way to school?  I must confess that I did but limited to words like 'stupid', 'idiot' and 'bloody hell' sub-consciously when there are bad driving behaviours on the road especially those who did not signal early, tailgate  or driving too slow on the first lane.  Children at this age absorbed like sponge.  I quickly corrected him that it is a bad word to use on anything or person.  I looked into his eyes seriously and he nodded in agreement.  When he was about to say the word 'stu----' again, he covered his mouth and smiled at me cheekily.  At least, he is listening.  Good boy!  Mommy should also stop by setting an example as well.  Perhaps, I should use 'potato head' instead ;P

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