Friday, September 21, 2012


Bento No. 250
Our Resident Committee (RC) decided to organise a halloween party in October this year.  It is something unusual and not the norm.  I was in fact quite surprised especially it is going to be held in the heartlands.  Perhaps, our community has become multi-nationals.  But I am not going to the party because my boy is not the brave type and he will tell me he is afraid of ghost and darkness.  However, he said he is fine with bats, pumpkin and spider??  So, I made a halloween theme bento for his lunch today.  Handcraved carrot in the shape of not-so-scary looking Jack-o-lantern.  A spider that is made of two slice of Japanese cucumber (using angel hair pasta to secure the head and body), carrot sticks for its leg and nori/cheese for its eyes.  Lastly, a full moon using cheddar cheese and I cut the shape of bat from nori.  Both of which are glued onto a brown rice oriental bun (馒头).  Inside the bun, he has teriyaki chicken thigh, fried tofu, cucumbers and thinly spread with ketchup.  To prevent the fillings from falling off, I inserted a pink musical foodpick. Yellow kiwi and grapes for fruits. 

Besides ghost and darkness, my son is also terrified of lizards and cockroaches.  Ever since I became a homemaker, I have to deal with these creepy crawlies everyday even though I hate it. Now, I do not fear as much as before.  How to conquer his fear?  Will he outgrow it?  Or will it continue to his 'manhood'? 

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~Summer~ said...

Wooo, I never did know RCs hold Halloween parties too! This is so awesome by the way, those are the cutest Jack o' Lanterns I've seen. I think some kids are generally more afraid of creepy crawlies while others are somehow just not. It would get better as they grow up, I believe! Don't worry! =) Thanks for linking up, your bentos and food ideas are so creative! Do add your link on my page when you have a moment so that more readers can be inspired by this wonderful Halloween bento too! Thanks lots, Evelyn!

Dragonfly said...

I was totally blown away by your compliments :) I'm a noob when come to linking and has taken quite sometime to find out how to grab your button. I'm not sure how to add a link on your page and still figuring out....

Dragonfly said...

Done! Looks ok. Guess, I learnt another new thing ;)