Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apple Echidna ("E-kid-na") and Lion

Bento No. 263
Spiny Echidna

Whenever I made an animal face, my boy would ask me "where are the body and legs?".  Ooops!! The thing is that the lion face took me half an hour to complete it just by cutting and putting in place carefully the nori whiskers (especially), muzzle, nose, eyes and ears :P  Hence, there was insufficient time to continue other body parts.  I used a tigger cookie cutter for the shape of the face and for the mane, I pressed it out from a egg sheet using a flower cookie cutter.  This is also the first time, I attempted to do an apple echidna (pronounced as E-kid-na).  The idea striked me when I saw an impecfect cut of an apple wedge laying in a plate.  My son first learned about this short-beaked echidna during a trip to Adelaide, Australia when he was two years old.  In other countries, it may refer as hedgehog or porcupines.  I am quite proud with the end-product and so is my son who wanted to touch and feel the spines!  He has fried rice with silver fish, blanched broccoli, strawberries, blueberries and apple echidna, of course.  

Over the last two days,  I did a clover leaf shape from tamagoyaki.  Along with baked salmon sushi, edamame, strawberries and oranges.   At the bottom was cold soba with meat wantons (aka dumplings) together with blanched broccoli, carrot flowers, apple bunny, strawberries and blueberries with a pandan foodpick in the limelight.

Bento No. 264
Bento No. 265

Besides bicycle, roller blade, skateboard, to name a few, he also wanted to have a scooter like any other boys.  Because he does not own one, he will look for children at the playground hoping they will share their scooters.  However, it seems like all of them could not bear to part with their scooters.  Lately, his cousin, Dexter, got a new scooter and my boy has a blast scootering around at my mum's place.  Back home, he could not stop talking about the Dexter's new scooter.  Papa agreed him to buy it after he has mastered cycling with two wheels.  His wish came true last Sunday.  As promised, our Daddy went to Queensway shopping center and got him a brand new razor scooter.   Very happy indeed! Papa and Mommy gamely tried on his scooter.  It is not easy to balance and scooter but he is a natural. 



Willyn said...

Love the Bento, how did you do that? You're such a great food artist:))

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for your kind words. Just like hobby, something I love and enjoy doing it :))