Friday, October 5, 2012

六 (Chinese character for number 6) and pita bread

Bento No. 255

Bento No. 256
First bento, I arranged the sugar bean to form 六 (Chinese character for number 6) over a bed of soba noodles.  Along with stir-fried cauliflower, carrots with fishcake and meaty dumplings.  Lately, I find the interest in carving Chinese characters on apple as well as in my food preparation.  By doing so, I killed two birds with one stone.  An alternative and unique way for my boy to learn his Chinese and also, I can improve my creativity and carving skill!  I have singled out number 6 first because he could not recognise the Chinese character when we playd domino blocks (a game I bought it few months ago).   But he has no problem reciting from number 1 to 10 in Mandarin.  At 4 years old and 6 months, I have noticed he began to speak and respond better in Mandarin with Granny (my mum).   Vocabulary has expanded as he grows older too.

Second bento - a wholemeal pita bread sandwiched with ham, egg, cheddar cheese and mini romaine hearts. The brown crust was the result of pan-frying.  On the sides, he has salad, raisin drizzled in thousand island sauce and dragonfruits.  Yeah, I have not given up the hope that he would eat his leafy salad one day.   On Wednesday, I brought up the topic of eating salads again when we were shopping at Cold Storage supermarket.  The only request for him to eat the salad was it must be from the Aeroponics farm.   It was one of the school outing last term where children were allowed to sample fresh lettuces. 

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