Friday, October 19, 2012

Quinoa ("Keen-Wah") and Oatmeal

Bento No. 262
This is something interesting and it is the first time I cooked quinoa and oatmeal porridge.  Why quinoa?  I first bought it to make crackers that I found the receipe here but the ingredients somehow did not bind together and hence, there were no crackers but a bowl of mush sadly.  But I will try again with smaller portion.  'Never give up', a phrase we used to encourage our boy.  That is how my storage ended up with a packet of unused quinoa.   Personally, I prefer rice over quinoa.  However, since my boy does not like rice porridge and he has requested for oatmeal instead.  So I added some quinoa into the oatmeal for a complete protein and nutritious porridge.  For taste and sweetness, I stirred in some sweet potato boiled in black sugar water - my own concoction!  On the side, he has steamed egg with minced meat, blanched cauliflower, bunny apple, grapes and pomelo.  To my surprise, he likes it :)) 

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