Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Bento No. 258
Last Wednesday, the school has an outing to a frog farm at Lim Chu Kang.  The children sighted large and fat American bull frogs and even sample the frog leg.  After seeing these froggies jumping alive, the kids were undaunted the fact that the meat was later fried and served it to them.  My son came back and told me it was So yummy!  He would like to taste the frog meat again.  In fact, all the kids who have gone to the farm loves the taste - it was like chicken meat!  Psychologically, I could not bring myself to eat them.  And luckily, I was not there at the farm with them.  Otherwise, I would appear not sporting!!

Very well, I made two froggies out of boiled green carrots using a teddy bear shape cookie cutter.  At the bottom, I jokingly told my boy that there were frog legs.  There were actually baked little drumlettes that I marinated overnight with honey, soya sauce and orange juice.   On the sides, he has blanched broccoli, flower carrots, brown rice, grapes and oranges. 


sophiastory said...

That's such a creative and healthy bento. Wish I had time to make such bentos for Sophia. Oops, I know. No time is just an excuse, there will always be time.

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for dropping by and the compliments. Why not start with a slice of bread and a hello kitty cookie cutter for Sophia? It's effortless; juz press it out! ;)