Monday, October 1, 2012


Bento No. 253
The lunchbox was prepared on last friday.  My boy has brown rice porridge with minced meat/water chestnut, stir-fried cabbage/carrot with silver fish, egg tofu and checker apple.  Cat was made of cheddar cheese and the rest of facial expression are punched out from nori except whiskers.

We were out for two nights for the Lantern Festival, also called the Mooncake or Mid-autumn Festival which was celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month when the moon was at its fullest.   It was my son's first night out with his dragon lantern (only after he agreed to take a nap in the afternoon that I would have allowed for a night out).  We bought three tickets at $4 each to the Lantern Festival organised by the Resident Committee (RC) which was held at Tampines Central Park on Saturday.  It promised fun amusement ride, a goodie bag, pomelo and some fringe activities.  We arrived late after attending a birthday party.  Crowds and queues had already formed at various stalls.  The most popular were the cotton candy and twisted balloon which Mommy managed to get it towards the end of the events.  Whilst my hubby brought my son to watch the magic show and of course, parading with his dragon lantern.  We could have done more activities if we had reached earlier.  Perhaps, next year ;)

On Sunday, the actual day, we took a stroll around our neighbourdhood after dinner with his lantern. And we could see many children were out in and around the playgrounds despite it might haved passed their bedtime.  The festive mood were everywhere.  Here, we could sit back, relax and watch different shapes and sizes of pretty lanterns.  Older kids were seen busy lighting up candles on the ground and some, I would not approve anyway, played with paper and fire.  His lantern remained in good condition at the end of the day without catching fire!  We could still reuse it next year.

Fascinated with the shadow of lantern

Shot taken in the morning

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