Monday, October 29, 2012

Heart shape tamagoyaki

Bento No. 266
Tamagoyaki is a must-have for my son's sushi bento.  He loves his egg done in any style.  Even though I have made tamagoyaki countless times, there are still occasions where mine does not turned out perfectly well.  This is where I tried to create something different out of these imperfection. And today, I made a heart shape with it and the whites are still visible ;)  His lunch - tuna mayo/egg/cucumber sushi, a heart shape tamagoyaki, edamame, black grapes, green kiwi and a few blueberries with a couple of animals foodpicks.
The craze for fast car are still firing up back home although the Singapore Formula 1 has ended earlier.  I bought the exclusive lego model - The Ferrari 150° Italia after a pump at the Shell station.  He was so excited and worked on it immediately when we reached home.  He managed to put together the car all by himself for the first time which took about 30 minutes.  Except that there are three small parts he did not fix and an exhaust pipe sticker that probably looked alien to him.  Papa came home in the evening and explained the missing parts on the car.  At 4.5 years old,  I am amazed and proud that he could follow the instructions on the manual which is meant for age 6 years and above.   Is he a genius?  Nay, he is not.  My boy is under the influence of our dear daddy who is a big fan of legos and an avid collector.   Initially, he assembled bigger duplo lego blocks with the help of Papa.  Gradually, he was given smaller blocks and parts and learned to read the instructions manual with guidance.     The power of parental influence!  Do you agree?


Almost done with the wheels
Yeah! I did it.

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