Thursday, October 4, 2012

Caterpillar sushi

Bento No. 254
I made a caterpillar sushi for one of his lunch this week. The fillings were baked salmon and Japanese cucumber. Edamame for the legs and cheese for its head.  Two musical foodpicks for the tentacles.  On the side was some dragonfruits.  I got the inspiration from a birthday party.
Last Saturday, we went to my boy's classmate, Arin, 4th birthday party.  Since Papa was limping after he had his swollen skin growth surgically cut and removed from his right leg, Mommy become the chauffeur.  This blur chauffeur googled the maps before setting off.  But we did not reach there in time because I had got the address wrong and was driving aimlessly not knowing where were the directions.  Just before I was about to give up and decided to turn back, I saw the road name.  Bingo!  However, we were late for an hour. :(  I was so embarrassed and apologised profusely to the mother on arrival.  Luckily, we did not miss the cake cutting and the children were still having fun at the mini zoo theme party.   The birds were tamed and clever that one scarlet macaw actually played dead!  My boy, who is an animal and bird lover, was ecstatic to see it and the best part was to be able to touch and get upclose.  First, he has a yellow/orange lovebird perched on his fingers.  Slowly, this little fellow made his way up on his shouder and settled on the 'spot' comfortably for quite some  times.  Besides birds, there were also some small animals such as rabbits and guinea pig too.  He chose to pat the guinea pig, gently 'sayang' (means love in Malay language) it on his lap. .  
Play 'dead'!
Lovebird found a comfy spot

Patting guinea pig
What I like about the party was that each children received a container of a pair of caterpillars and leaves with instructions on how to nurse these babies and care for the leaves.  Great idea to substitute with the usual goodie bag.  Absolutely love it! :D  On the third day, all have shed off the skins and became pupas.  So fast!?  Guess, these caterpillars must have been munching for many days elsewhere.  Everyday, my son would check the plastic container and see if they have changed to butterflies.  He just could not wait until the day of transformation.  So, I decided to bring him to the library to learn about the life cycle of butterfly to have a more visibly clearer picture.  As I read it to my son that caterpillar has 8 pairs or 16 legs, I realised that I only know it has many legs. And, I did not really bother to count the edamame I threw inside his bento box to form the legs as shown above.  By luck, I got the number of legs correct!
Till then, we are still waiting for the magical transformation...........

Instructions on how to nurse these caterpillars

Day 1 - We brought home

Day 3 - Skin shed and become pupas

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~Summer~ said...

Hey Evelyn, first, awesome bento again! My girl loves the Hungry caterpillar book so she'll probably adore this bento if I ever have the creativity to make one for her. Second, thanks for sharing about the party! The party favour is so unique and what a wonderful idea. And that macaw is amazing! =) Thanks for sharing such great ideas! Appreciate it lots! Hope to see your butterflies soon!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks very much for your kind words. Try it - will be fun making the caterpillar sushi with your girl. I'm looking forward to see your girl's safari theme party in Nov. My boy has the same passion as your girl ;) Oh yes, childen will love the face painting !