Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chicken teriyaki sushi

Bento No. 260
This is a simple sushi set lunch my boy has every week.  Rolled in with teriyaki chicken with cucumbers and he also got surimi, edamame, green kiwi, grapes and a bunny apple. In Australia,  I vividly remembered that sushi there was larger and sold as handroll (not sliced) with the exception if you were dining in a restaurant.  We were astounded, however, the ingredients were refreshing and best of all - value for money!    Pardon me, I was just remicising the good old times. 

Other than my son, I have another older boy too...i.e. Nitro. a shih tzu breed, pet dog ;)  We celebrated his 5th birthday last Sunday with a can of Cesar's prime beef and vegetables and some lamb jerky sticks.  My son wanted to be involved and have a part to play too.  He offered to insert five lamb jerky sticks on the meat.  Nitro sure has a fabulous day licking clean off his bowl. 

Counting the jerky sticks

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