Friday, October 12, 2012

Elephant 大象

Bento No. 259
Recently, Yum-Yum bento shared a tutorial on how to make elephant using very basic tools i.e. a round cookie cutter and straw, with cheese and carrot in FB.  Isn't it super cute?  I really appreciate her work. Now, what am I going to do with my other elephant shape cookie cutter? Stash away? Nay, I shall make a conscious effort to make the 'real' cookies with my collection of animals cookie cutter which I have amassed over times.  On the sides, his lunchbox consisted of apple chicken balls, blanched broccoli/carrots, mashed potato (underneath the elephant), apples and green grapes.  I was in the mood of carving yesterday and I did a Chinese character 大象 (means elephant) on the wedges.  I also threw in a cheese bun just in case my preschooler still craving for more food.  He is growing up and eating a lot more lately.  Time to hunt for bigger lunchbox....

On raining days or when I am busy cooking dinner, he would play his lego blocks quietly at a corner all by himself.  Zoo is his favourite theme and sometimes, he told me he built a bigger house for Mommy and Papa together with other imaginery family members he can think of.  Here are some of his creations.

A Zoo
A box for the snakes
Bento No. 260
Besides having a wholesome meal and soup he had for his lunches daily, I will also treat him with a flavoured drink such as chocolate milk, vitagen/yakult (fermented milk drink containing strengthened probiotic L. casei strain Shirota) or yogurt to go along with his bread/sandwich once a week.  Today, he has ciabatta, Italian white bread with tuna mayo, salads (cucumbers, romaine hearts, tomatoes) in thousand island sauce, bunny apple and grapes. He has chosen his favourite chocolate milk.  I wonder if he likes the chewy, crusty Italian bread from Swiss bakery.  I must admit that it was really a good workout for the jaws :P

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