Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Bento No. 128
I remembered my boy's request for an ambulance bento. I granted his wish today.  It is made of white rice onigiri stuffed with baked salmon.  The siren is made of carrot, nori for the facial, cucumber for its wheels and cheese for its windscreens.  When I looked at my finished product, I felt that there is something amiss.  I could not tell what it is.  My son has fried long bean with egg, baked salmon, blanced carrot and green kiwi.

There are times I will allow my son to help me in the kitchen to do simple chores.  And we did yesterday!  Because he did not like the idea of leaving him alone to play by himself whenever I said "Mommy has to cook dinner.  You need to play on your own now."  He will refused to let me go and cried.  So, to pacify him, I asked him to help in the kitchen.  His task was to separate the leaf and stem from the caixin.  Happily, he put on his doremon apron, pulled a round stool to stand and started working on the kitchen top.  I must say that he did it quite well, no mess up at all.  Good job!  And, of course, he grinned with satisfaction and played on his own afterwards.

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