Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whale and mantou 馒头

Bento No. 129
I am kind of running out of idea what to prepare for his lunchbox.  Whilst I was shopping at the NTUC fairprice supermarket yesterday, I saw an Auntie reached out for a packet of frozen mantou.  Curiously, I stood beside her pretending to buy it.  Then, we striked a conversation and learnt that her three kids love mantou and favour a particular brand i.e. 'Chinatown'. Later, I bought it.  This would be my boy's first taste of mantou.

Sandwiched in the mantou are breaded chicken spread with tomato sauce and mayo plus slices of tomato and cucumber.  I placed a whale shape cheese and wrapped it together with cling wrap.  I baked some fries sprinkled with paparika and salt to be added in his lunch too.  He has papaya for his fruits.  On top of it, he gets his mango yogurt.   It is a East meet West combination!

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