Monday, October 17, 2011

Salmon sushi

Bento No. 133
My boy has very congested blocked nose and cough since the beginning of last Friday.  It started end of September where he has a blocked nose so bad that he snored loudly in his sleep.  He was recovered after a week and now back again.  We brought him to see the pediatrician and spent $137 medical bills for consultation.  He was prescribed with Charityne for nose, salbutamol to open up his airways, Rhinathiol promethazine for the cough that occur in the evening and night and lastly, nasal spray.  I did not want him to use the nasal spray last year although it is a mild steroid spray according to the pediatrician.  I have no choice now because my boy complained of difficulty to breathe at night, tossed and turned all the times.  It is painful to see him not getting a good sleep and breathing heavily.  In addition, it will affect his development if the brain is not receiving enough oxygen.

His symptons often got worse nearer the end of the year and during the haze period.  And I recalled a vacation away from home kind of a relief for his running nose.  Perhaps, we should plan a short trip to Malaysia. 

So much of my boy's condition. Here is a simple bento that consisted of baked salmon sushi with cucumber, chicken hotdog octopus, blanched edamame, grapes and green kiwi.

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