Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts: House and Education

Last week, we went to check out an Executive Condomium (EC) and a DBSS HDB near our home.  Despite warning of gloomy economy, it does not stop people from buying properties.  In fact, the value of property market is in the peak now! A 5-room HDB flat can cost $670k onwards and a 4-beded EC can set you back a million dollar. Why we decided to take a look now?  Simple because, we used to have any empty State Land in front of our house that provide some recreation such as flying kites, aeroplanes, picnics, cricket for the residents here.  And, I can see the sunrise in the morning and full moon at night.  The site has now become a gigantic construction site making way for three housing estates.  All these housing projects in close vicinity are due to complete in 2014.  I think the Government is anxious to right the market sentiments and fill up the gap that people are complaining there are not enough housing available which was one hot area during the Election. 

We live in the heartlands all our life.  To upgrade to condomium would be wishful dream and a thought that always cross our minds.  How different it is to stay in heartlands and private housing?  We are told that in private estate, it is the security that can keep our kids in a safe haven and give the parents a peace of mind.   And, would the environment really matter to a kid's growing up?  The  same logic also goes for enrolling our child into a premium preschool and government preschool.  Will the quality be better in premium preschool in Singapore context?  We want the best things in life and likewise for our child.  I begin to ask myself if it is pure vanity in pursuit of 'better lifestyle' or should we be contented to remain status quo.

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