Thursday, October 27, 2011


Bento No. 140

I cut the shape of transformer on a tracing paper the night before and keep it as a template for this morning use.  After I finished cutting on the nori, I assembled the pieces onto the emmental cheese. But I think I should stick it closer instead.  Why transformer? Because our neighbour has a bright yellow car with a very large and distinctive logo on it.  Whenever my son passed by, he recognised the logo and said loudly "Look, transformer Mommy!".   Hence, the idea come about making one for him.  I tried a few types of burger look alike bread/bun and yet to find one that he likes it (other than those found in fast food where he can eat almost the whole of burger).  I bought his wholemeal soft bread roll from Delifrance.  I put a piece of oven-baked halibut, topped with a slice of tomatoe and iceberg lettues.  Spread some mayo and ketchup for taste. On the sides, he has baked garlic fries, grapes, oranges and a packet of mini-size milo.  He is so happy and satisfied with his lunch that he carried all by himself to school (not letting me to touch a bit ;)

We found a little surprise on our car.  A small green grasshopper on the boot!  My son asked me if he can touch it.  I was like  Err........??  In the end, he did not.hehe..

I have been reading a lot about white fish fillet lately and quite astounding to find some fishes like grouper, snapper, Alantic salmon, cod, sea bass contains mercury that small children should avoid it. Halibut is one of them too. My boy has threadfin in his porridge almost everyday when he was a baby. Until he is older than 2yo, he began to eat everything on the dinner table. I also become more adventurous in preparing his food when he reached 3yo. Too much fish would expose him to potential mercury intoxification?? Gosh! Thank god, he grows up healthy and fit.


KidsDreamWork said...

I'm sure you son will be thrilled to see the logo he sees everyday on the neighbour's car turns up on his bento! :)

Dragonfly said...

Ya, he did. Sort of brighten up his day too. And welcome back to blogging again :)