Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dinosaurs - Stegosaurs

Bento No. 134
 I made this stegosaurs this morning for my boy's lunch.  Orange cheddar cheese for its plates and chicken hotdog for its legs and spots on its body.  I also packed some carrots, cucumber, cherry tomato and grapes as well.  I like it but my boy is full of criticism; face not looking correct, plates is not right, no spots on its body,..etc.  The only thing right for him is the spike on its tail which I inserted two musical foodpicks onto the bread.  Oh boy!  He has grown up so fast!  Probably too fast that I have forgotten he was no longer a baby ;P 

Whilst we were having breakfast this morning, I asked my son if he will take care of Mommy when we grow old. He just said 'No' honestly. Very disappointed and sad :(   One of the Chinese vitures is filial(孝), a respect for the parents and ancestors. He obviously does not have any now and I hope, he will learn in future.

I made two other bento this week; left is fried yellow rice with mix vegetable and char siew, right is soba noodles with blanched caixin, carrot, fresh shitaki mushroom and gyoza. 

Bento No. 135

Bento No. 136

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